An Eye Exam is more then just a vision test!  Aside from vision, the optometrist does various tests to rule out eye disease as a preventative measure & evaluate the strength & coordination of the muscles around the eyes.  Our clinic actually goes one step further as we assess visual perception which involves the relationship between the EYE & the BRAIN.

- Special Interest In -

Vision & Concussion Therapy

Visual Therapy includes eye exercises to develop focussing & binocular skills, along with neuro-stimulation techniques to maximize visual-perceptual & oculo-motor skills & ultimately learning efficiency.  To learn more about our Visual Therapy program, CLICK HERE

 Dry Eye Treatment


MEIBOMIAN GLAND EXPRESSION involves an extensive process of heating, massaging & compressing the upper & lower lids to physically remove the congested/thickened tears.  To learn more about our Dry Eye Treatment, CLICK HERE.

Low Vision Devices

In the unfortunate circumstance that
your eye disease progresses to the level
that your daily routine is hindered, our
clinic is approved for MOHLT government
funding to order Low Vision Aids for
you.  To learn more about Low Vision Devices, CLICK HERE.

MACUMIRA Dry AMD Treatment

Macumira is a new device recently approved by HEALTH CANADA to treat Dry AMD. It utilizes patented micro-current technology to increase the mitochondrial ATP production (energy power-house of the cells) to stimulate the photoreceptors thus improving vision. CLICK HERE.

Meet The Doctors


Malini Varshney


I graduated from the University of Waterloo, Optometry in June 1987 & started my career at a medical clinic in Toronto with several physicians, dentists, chiropractors & other health care specialists. CLICK HERE to learn more about Dr. Varshney!



This Doctor joined my practice in 2016 & was a very collaborative member of my clinic. After 7 years, she has now embarked on a new journey & has established her own practice in St. Catherines, Ontario. CLICK HERE

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