This is a technique that involves trans-illuminating the brain with numerous Infra-Red LEDs within a range of wavelengths.  Specific metabolic activity occurs at the cellular level resulting in the secretion of Nitric Oxide (NO) causing vasodilation. This generates an increase in blood flow & consequentially - more Oxygen & Nutrients to the cells. This is very effective for TBI symptoms as well as various brain disorders due to the following benefits:

Improved sensation / reduce pain

Decreased inflammation

Tissue repair & healing

Angiogenesis / regeneration


Research Publications

Below are abstracts of  publications illustrating the extensive research on the powerful effects of  Photobiomodulation.  Although the primary goal of our clinic is to provide therapy for oculo-visual deficiencies, it is not uncommon that patients experience improvement in various other symtoms as well.  There are no documented negative side effects of our FDA approved Phototherapy devices.

PBT cognitive decline

Optical Illusions

- are all about Visual Perception -

Take a break & be intrigued......

are you looking from 'over' or 'under' the stairs ?


An Infra-Red cap is placed on the head while the patient relaxes - this increases the circulation & blood volume to all the brain cells & facilitates the healing process.