Dry AMD is a progressive disease

Now new technology is available to slow down, stabalise & even improve up to 2 lines of vision with the Innovative MACUMIRA device.

01. Micro current Technology
Painlessly delivered across closed eyelids with no injections, systemic drugs, or adverse side effects.
02. Patented waveform
Developed to maximize efficacy while leaving the delicate structures of the eye undamaged.
03. Patented delivery system
That is simple to use and easily administered by a certified Eyecare Practitioner or Ophthalmic Technician.
04. Immediate results
And optimal visual improvement reached after initial treatment schedule of four 32 minute treatments over 10 days.
05. Visual improvements -
Maintained with 1x treatment every 2-3 months.
06. Mechanism of Action -
Stimulated Retinal Pigment Epithelium (RPE) cells enhanced Mitochondrial ATP formation leads to improved cellular function and clearing of drusen and other macular waste by-products.