Advanced Technology


Digital Imaging

Includes permanent digital pictures of the retina to enhance the diagnosis & monitor of eye diseases such as macular degeneration, retinal detachments, and diabetic retinopathy etc.

OCT Capture

OCT Optic Nerve & Retinal Scans

This is very advanced technology that takes several thousand scans of the layers of the retina to identify damage in the deeper tissues not detectable with digital imaging (pictures). It is useful to more accurately diagnose retinal/macular/optic nerve damage, ex macular degeneration, retinal detachment, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma etc.

CME Capture
AMD Capture

Visual Field Testing with both HFA & FDT

This test is useful for enhancing the diagnoses of various eye diseases such as Glaucoma, ARMD, Cataracts, Optic Nerve Pathology, along with providing critical information on medical conditions such as strokes, anomalies/growths in the brain (common symptom of headaches) etc.

HFA Pituitary Adenoma
HFA stroke

Additional Tesiting Our Clinic Provides

Eye Pressures & Pachymetry

The measurement of the pressure inside the eye & corneal thickness, both critical for glaucoma diagnosis (pachymetry is not technically an OHIP insured service which we do at no charge).

MTO Exams

Many clinics do not acquire the specialized equipment needed to test for MTO drivers licence eligibility such as Visual Field Analyzer, also commonly decreased with concussion. This allows us to be a good referral outlet for these tests.

Dry Eye Evaluation & Treatment

Various tests are performed to identify the root cause of Dry Eye such as Inflammadry, Tear Osmolarity, Schirmer.  MEIBOMIAN GLAND EXPRESSION involves an extensive process of heating, massaging & compressing the upper & lower lids to physically remove the congested/thickened tears.

Cataracts & AMD Testing/monitorring & Therapy

We now have available additional Testing of Contrast Sensitivity Function (along with FDT above) that allows better accuracy in diagnosing the level of cataract.

Computer Vision Testing

This provides a more accurate & efficient Rx for computer use as we focus differently at pixels on a monitor than we do on print. Please measure the distance from the bridge of your nose to your monitor for best results.  Patients that have had a concussion have even more exaggerated PC frustrations.

Ocular Health & Disease Assesment

The digital imaging, OCT, IOP, Visual Fields, Pachymetry etc. allows us early & accurate detection & monitoring of most Eye Diseases.

Glaucoma Treatment/Monitroing

Tonometer/IOP, Humphrey's automated visual field analyzer, Pachymetry, and OCT nerve scans are essential tests for glaucoma diagnosis. However all of these tests are not part of standard testing & not all OHIP insured services.

Pediatric Exams

The OAO recommends Eye Exams annually for kids & it is OHIP insured until age 20.  It is critical to rule out congenital eye diseases, turned/lazy eye, & visual tracking & focussing deficiencies early in order to maximize learning skills.

Ocular Emergency

We accept emergencies such as Red or pink eye, eye infections, allergies, chemicals and foreign body in eye, flashes/floaters & concussion.