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Audio-Visual Brain Wave Entrainment

Research has conclusively proven that the brain emits a characteristic EEG frequency based on the level of activity being performed:  As noted in the descriptions below, the Alpha brain wave frequencies start the relaxation process progressing into the Theta brain waves as one falls asleep at which time healing is induced.  Finally, Delta occurs in deep sleep.

Considering the analogy of 2 tuning forks of the same frequency - if 1 is tapped causing it to vibrate, then it induces the 2nd one to vibrate as well.  This is called “entrainment”.  It is this theory that describes audio-visual entrainment – ie we provide specific frequencies in the form of sound & colors using a headset to ‘tune’ your brain to relax & ultimately promote healing.


Beta Brain-Wave

- wide awake & alert -


Alpha Brain-Wave

- relax -


Theta Brain-Wave

- fall asleep & start healing -


Delta Brain-Wave

- cellular regeneration -

de-stress - from eye to brain with BRAINTAP

Alpha Brain-Waves - 9 to 13 Hz

Theta Brain-Waves - 4 to 8 Hz

Delta Brain-Waves - .5 to 4 Hz


The Brain-Wave patterns that we want to induce are programmed

Audio-Visaul Headset

The patient positions the headset comfortably

Rejuvenated Patient

The brain is tuned to de-stress & initiate the anabolic / healing state

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