Comprehensive Eye Exams

An Eye Exam is more than just a vision test! Aside from vision, the optometrist does various tests to rule out eye disease as a preventative measure & evaluate the strength & coordination of the muscles around the eyes. Our clinic actually goes one step further; We assess & train visual perception which involves the relationship between eye & brain.


Why do I need an eye exam if my vision seems fine?

The OAO recommends a complete eye exam starting at the age of 6 months & every year thereafter.  Many eye diseases & conditions (ex concussions) can remain undetected & it is critical to diagnose early. 80% of our learning is through vision, & the skills that we develop in the early years often determines our future success. The optometrist tailors the eye exam to put emphasis on various tests depending on the age of the individual.


When my vision is weak, do glasses always help?

Surprisingly, this is the most common assumption. However, glasses do not always correct poor vision.  Like a camera, the eye has several parts.  Glasses simply correct for an error in focus, but all other parts of the eye, including the lens, retina & nerves that lead to the brain must all be in good function. If eye diseases, or conditions like concussions are not identified early, irreversible vision loss may result.

General Eye Tests

What are some common tests performed during an thorough eye exam & why?